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Why we use Buffalo Leather?

Why we use Buffalo Leather?

All You Need to Know About The Leather We Use. 
What is Buffalo Leather?
Buffalo Leather, also referred to as English Saddle Leather, is the tanned hide of one of the 74 species of domestic buffalo.
Where does Buffalo Leather come from?
Buffalo were first domesticated in Asia over 6,000 years ago. Today there is a global population of 194 million domesticated buffalo, 97% of which are reared in Asia. Domesticated buffalo are used to pull carts and ploughs and in India, more milk is produced from buffalo than from cows. At the end of their working life, the hides of buffalo are tanned to produce buffalo leather.
What does Buffalo Leather look like?
Buffalo leather has a more distinctive grain than bovine leather. It comes in a range of colours and finishes, characterised by rich, deep tones which give it a striking appearance.
How does Buffalo Leather age?
With appropriate care, buffalo leather will last a lifetime, developing, over time, a rich patina which enhances the beauty of the leather.
How Strong is Buffalo Leather?
Buffalo leather has an epidermal layer up to three times thicker than cow hide which means that it is extremely strong and durable. The buffalo hides are not stretched during the tanning process, unlike cow hide, and therefore they are thicker and more resistant to tearing. Full grain buffalo leather is some of the strongest leather that you can buy.
Is Buffalo Leather good quality?
Buffalo leather is soft and flexible and yet strong and durable. Full grain buffalo leather is beautiful in appearance and durable enough to withstand a lifetime of use, it is top quality leather.
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