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4 Reasons why people choose STEEL & BARNETT

4 Reasons why people choose STEEL & BARNETT

Steel and Barnett – an exciting jewellery range made to traditional standards of quality.

Steel and Barnett is an exciting new brand that combines traditional quality with modern day style. So if hand crafted jewellery is more your style than flashy bling, you will certainly love our range of wrist jewellery.

The Steel and Barnett name is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. We set out to create a range of fine quality rugged jewellery pieces that we would be proud to wear in all situations.

The results are stunning.  We have created a range of beautiful designer wrist jewellery, combining highly polished stones with elemental materials such as leather and natural fibres.  Each one is hand made in Belgium to exacting standards of traditional craftsmanship.

Each individual piece bears the distinctive Steel and Barnett logo which is instantly recognisable to people in the know.


Steel and Barnett – effortless European style to suit our customers.

Like us, our customers come from all walks of life .So if like us, you believe that quality, style and sophistication does not have to be overstated, you are already sharing our ethos.

Instead we let our jewellery pieces speak for themselves. This means that if you are equally at home at the beach as you are in the boardroom and equally comfortable in front of the camera as you are behind it, Steel and Barnett is your perfect accessory for all occasions.

Your Steel and Barnett wrist jewellery is the perfect travel companion on your life’s journey and the more you wear it, the better it will look.


Steel and Barnett – helps you create your own unique style.

When it comes to style and fashion nothing is more tacky and obvious than looking like you are trying too hard.

The great thing about Steel and Barnett is that you can wear it everywhere so it becomes part of your trademarked style.

Our distinctive wrist jewellery will add an extra element of cool sophistication to business wear.

Alternatively it dresses up casual wear such as loafers and shorts or sportswear. Even better, you don’t even need to think about it.

Our wrist jewellery perfectly matches and complements all styles so you always look effortlessly stylish without having to think too much about it.

Steel and Barnett fans are already finding that the wrist jewellery is compatible with all looks and lifestyles.


Steel and Barnett – a perfect fit for men and for women.

Here at Steel and Barnett our ambition was to create a style classic for the modern age. We worked with jewellery designers and style consultants to develop our range and we think you’ll agree that the results were worth the wait.

So whether you favour a mix and match approach or want a talisman to wear always and for all occasions, you can always rely on Steel and Barnett. Our unique brand of wrist jewellery will always make you feel and look good, whatever life throws at you.


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