Healing stones: so much more than just fashion!

Healing stones: so much more than just fashion!

At Steel & Barnett, we do not use natural stones in our designs just for the sake thereof. We truly source those stones that are known for their healing properties and inspiring wellness and serenity to those who wear them. And thanks to their beautiful colours, they, of course, pair beautifully with our leather bracelets.

The key stones that we use in our bracelet designs include Lava, Kambaba, Bronzite, Sodalite, Picture Jasper, Obsidian, Jasper Stone, Tiger’s eye stone, Crazy Lace Agate, Howlite and Labradorite.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of healing stones.

What are healing stones?

Healing stones, which are derived from nature, have been growing in popularity due to their invigorating benefits provided through long-term wearing.

From healing body and mind to boosting the flow of energy, healing stones come in various colours and shapes, and some are even known to assist in banishing negativity.

How are they formed?

Healing stones are known to be rounder, smoother and denser than healing crystals. They are formed when several minerals are combined into one mass and can be sourced either as a by-product of traditional mining practices, or through processes directly linked to finding specific stones for commercial or healing use.

Do they have any benefits?

Healing stones are as unique as the colours and shapes that they are available in, and many have been used for ages for their different properties.

Jasper, for instance, is known for its nurturing qualities and supporting the psyche during times of stress, while obsidian is said to provide protective elements to guard the mind against negative thoughts.

The golden Tiger’s eye stone is as fierce as its namesake: it rids the mind of anxiety and uncertainty. Lava stone, on the other hand, provides stability, while Kambaba, Bianco and Sodalite infuse the mind with peace and a feeling of being well in the world.

Alvaro is said to help heal relationships and bring balance to your life, while the beautiful brown-hued bronzite has incredible healing properties.

If you have been suffering from intense fatigue, Crazy Lace Agate can assist in helping you re-energise your body. And if you need to target specific problem areas in your body, the green coloured serpentine could hold the key to alleviating any discomfort or imbalance.

Labradorite is certainly of all these stones one of the most popular stone varieties – it is often used in home countertops and vanities. As part of an accessory piece, this stone with its cool blue hues not only assists the body in improving the immune system and metabolism, but it also has been said that it can help lower blood pressure too!

Do you have a favourite healing stone to wear? Be sure to browse our range – it truly brings together the healing power of nature with popular styles that can infuse your life with wellness, every day.

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