Make Father’s Day extra special by spoiling Dad with premium accessories

Make Father’s Day extra special by spoiling Dad with premium accessories

When it comes to Father’s Day, it can often be tricky to find a perfect gift – especially when your father is truly the “dad who owns everything” and for whom you have bought any gift you can imagine.

 However, if you feel stuck, this doesn’t mean settling for the regular choices of chocolates or other edibles for gifts and playing it safe: why not spoil your dad with a beautiful, high-quality leather bracelet that will underpin his modern style choices!

 Leather bracelets make for some of the coolest Father’s Day gifts to choose from, especially for trendy fathers who love accessorising their day to day outfits. Available in a variety of colours and styles, you can choose from slim bracelets to more chunky ones, or mix and match a gift to give your dad an instant style fix with everything he needs to create a bracelet stack!

 Added to this, high-quality leather bracelets are long-lasting, durable, eco-friendly and comfortable items, which make them ideal consideration for special occasion gifting.

 In today’s blog, we look at some of our top Steel & Barnett choices that are sure to make Dad’s day – check it out.


Lake in Black: Perfect for a classy father

 With its sleek black design and double-band look, Lake is a premium look item that any father is sure to love. Easy to style with any look, it gives a timeless touch to any outfit. And if your dad is a big fan of understated style, you definitely cannot go wrong with spoiling him with this item.


Bonacci in Dark Brown: Ideal for an outdoorsy dad 

 For fathers who love the earthy tones of warm brown bracelets, Bonacci with its stacked design offers a fashionable, rugged look. Dads with a love of the outdoors and exploring new destinations will love the ease that this piece provides – it is always a perfect fit!



Lake in Navy: The ideal gift for a sporty father

 With its fashion-forward look, Lake in Navy has a stylish nautical look that any sportsman will love. It is comfortable enough to wear from sailing to cycling, and has just the right pop of colour for dads who love accessories with cool blue hues.



Have a dad that prefers natural stones? Introduce him to Lava

 Lava gives any outfit a trendy edge. It can be worn as a single strand, or stacked for more style impact. It is ideal for fathers who love interesting textures and designs, and your dad is sure to love each unique stone.



Make this Father’s Day the most memorable yet!

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