Show your love with a Valentine’s Day gift from Steel & Barnett

Show your love with a Valentine’s Day gift from Steel & Barnett

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you are likely weighing your options for gift ideas that your beloved will adore and cherish for years to come.

Foregoing the usual foodie items for something more permanent and longer-lasting is always a good idea - especially when it comes to leather bracelets or gemstone bracelets.

Bracelets symbolise an unbreakable bond, and what better show of love than a carefully selected accessory that will match your beloved’s taste preferences.

So, why consider Steel & Barnett as a provider for your lovingly picked gifts?


Handmade with love in Belgium

Each of the Steel & Barnett outfits is hand-crafted with pride in Belgium - a hub of creativity, sophistication and incredible scenery that forms the backdrop of our design studios.

At the heart of our processes is also our dedication to empowering our communities to be part of bringing wrist outfits to life. We proudly partner with social projects to help individuals who might not have access to the job market and entry point. This gives them the chance to bring their love for creativity to life - a tangible difference felt in each of our designs.


Why Steel & Barnett makes such a difference when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts

Steel & Barnett is more than just a purveyor of wrist outfits and leather goods. We not only create a range of premium accessories - we truly dig deep to craft designs that are classic, timeless and full of variety.

From various colours - from bold and bright to elegant neutrals and blacks - we ensure that there is plenty of variety!

Our leather bracelets offer thin and thick-weave options that can be stacked with matching shades, or worn on their own too. Not to be outdone, our natural stones gemstone bracelets have a colourful to neutral palette - and they can be paired with our leather products too.

Certainly one of the biggest considerations for choosing Steel & Barnett for your Valentine’s Day gifts is the versatility of every item on our list. Whether you need an office look, a low-key weekend vibe or even a stunning gold-flecked stack, there is plenty to choose from.


Just released: fantastic Valentine’s Day packaging to include with your gift!

Because we know how much authentic gift packaging is appreciated in the month of love, we’ve created a unique design that will add to the authenticity of your gift.

So, no need for wrapping even - simply present your gift to your beloved and watch them open their hand-selected gift. 


Worried that you left your Valentine’s Day shopping too late?

Don’t stress - we’ve got you covered if you only have a couple of days left until Valentine’s Day! If you know your partner would love picking out their own wrist outfit, how about spoiling them with one of our online gift cards?

Simply choose the amount for your card, then print or choose to deliver to the email address of your choice!


Make this Valentine’s Day a stylish affair

 Infuse your month of love with gifts made with equal devotion and care - visit the link below to start shopping, and let us know if you have any questions!



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