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What kind of rope is used?

PPM cord, our pick, boasts exceptional features. It minimally absorbs moisture, ensuring buoyancy and longevity.

Non-toxic and OEKO-TEX® certified, it's safe for all, while its resistance to mold and rot, along with easy cleaning, make it a dependable choice.

Crafted from high tenacity Polypropylene Multifilament strands, PPM cord is the ultimate combination of strength and versatility.

Are rope bracelets durable?

Certainly, rope bracelets are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Crafted with exceptional strength and durability, they offer long-lasting wear that can effortlessly complement your daily style. Their resilience ensures they'll be your reliable and fashionable companion for years to come.

Can I wear rope bracelets in water?

No, rope bracelets can come into contact with water, but they are not recommended to be worn in the shower, ocean, etc

Do rope bracelets come in different sizes?

Yes, rope bracelets come in different sizes. We offer three size options: S, M & L. This allows you to choose the size that best fits your wrist for a comfortable and secure fit.

Do your rope bracelets contribute to social responsibility?

Our rope bracelets not only stand out for their style but also for their social responsibility. We're dedicated to offering opportunities for those who might not have access to regular employment. Your purchase not only gets you a stylish accessory but also contributes to making a positive impact in people's lives and the environment