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Do gemstones have healing powers?


Believed to carry ancient healing energies, gemstones promote balance and harmony within us, resonating with our energy and fostering positivity and tranquility. Whether worn or placed nearby, these radiant stones guide us towards inner harmony and holistic wellness.

Is it safe to wear gemstones in the shower?

Most gemstones can be worn in the shower without significant damage. However, some stones may be more sensitive to water or heat, and prolonged exposure to water might affect their appearance or durability over time.

Can I wear gemstones everyday?

Vivid gemstone bracelets are versatile accessories that effortlessly complement daily attire, adding a vibrant touch to your look. Some stones boast exceptional durability, seamlessly blending into your routine, while others, though softer, still enhance your everyday wear with a bit of extra attention.

What is the best gemstone?

Gemstone bracelets offer an excellent way to express your style, with the best choice depending on your personal fashion and the occasion.