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What materials are used in STEEL & BARNETT's product range?

STEEL & BARNETT's product range encompasses a selection of premium materials, including genuine leather, real stones, and stainless steel. These materials are chosen for their quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

What distinguishes the style of STEEL & BARNETT products?

STEEL & BARNETT products are renowned for their distinct style. Our designs blend a harmonious balance of classic and contemporary elements, resulting in pieces that are both timeless and modern. The use of genuine leather, real stones, and stainless steel contributes to the unique and versatile style of our products.

Can you describe the design philosophy behind STEEL & BARNETT products?

STEEL & BARNETT's design philosophy revolves around creating accessories that reflect elegance, sophistication, and individuality. We strive to capture the essence of Belgian design, combining craftsmanship with innovative style elements to produce products that stand out.

What range of styles can customers expect from STEEL & BARNETT's product lineup?

Our product lineup offers a wide range of styles to cater to diverse preferences. Whether you're seeking a rugged and masculine look with genuine leather, the natural beauty of real stones, or the sleek and contemporary appeal of stainless steel, STEEL & BARNETT has a style to suit your taste.

Do STEEL & BARNETT products incorporate any unique design features or details?

Yes, our products often incorporate unique design features and meticulous details. From carefully selected stones to intricate leatherwork and precise stainless steel craftsmanship, each piece in our collection showcases the dedication to quality and attention to detail that sets STEEL & BARNETT apart.


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What are STEEL & BARNETT's products made of?

STEEL & BARNETT products are made of high-quality Buffalo Leather, A-grade semi-precious gemstones, paracord and 316L stainless steel.

Where are STEEL & BARNETT's products manufactured?

Our products are thoughtfully designed and produced in Belgium.

Who are we?

Yoshi and Steffie, life partners for over 8 years, are the founders of STEEL & BARNETT. They are passionate about jewelry and even more so about this journey to create the perfect accessories for all their customers. In their time together, they have discovered that everything is possible if you have the right people by your side and when working toward the same goal. It makes all the difference when you find someone who genuinely believes in you just as much as you believe in yourself.

Since 2015, Steel & Barnett has focused on creating wrist outfits with different raw materials, focusing on items that are not only inspired by natural elements but also timeless, classic designs.
Originally started as a personal project by two young entrepreneurs, Yoshi and Steffie, STEEL & BARNETT is growing into a global brand, providing signature, exceptional leather wrist bracelets for discerning customers aligned with timeless styles.

From humble beginnings to business success
We started STEEL & BARNETT in 2015 in a small home office, initially creating some beaded bracelets for friends and family. Both of us were still working full-time and saw this project as an opportunity to create an additional income stream that could potentially evolve into something more.
We threaded the first 50,000 pearls, but the story didn’t end there: our initial “side hustle transformed into a fully-fledged business and today, our brand has about 600+ retailers worldwide -and we are still growing!

During the beginning phases of our business’s rapid growth, we partnered with a tailor-made company as part of our expansion plans. We further saw an opportunity for more job creation, and since the end of 2018, detainees from the Bruges prison have been working for Steel & Barnett.
A passion for design that was evident from the start
Our success story is rooted in creating simplistic elegance with that finishing touch. We believe it is more difficult to be elegant than to be bold. Elegance can only be achieved through knowledge and experience, which is the result of the special focus you put into your wardrobe choices.
Proudly handmade in Belgium
From the selection of raw materials to the finished product, we take a detailed approach with each of our designs. This is, after all, the kind of approach that is expected of every handcrafted product in Belgium.
Proudly locally made with a global mindset, we take exceptional care with all of the elements we source in creating our leather bracelets and gemstone creations.
Our raw materials are sourced from all over the world, starting from South Africa to Denmark. We also have a state of the art manufacturing facility that is equipped with sophisticated machinery and a pool of talented manpower.
This combination produces high-quality genuine leather that is durable and perfectly suited for everyday wear.
 Another area is expertise is our knowledge and use of semi-precious stones. We only use A-grade polished, frosted and matte beads for the production of our stone bracelets. All metals used for the production of our bracelets are 316L stainless steel, which is perfectly safe to wear.
Supporting our communities
Since 2017, STEEL & BARNETT has been working with social projects that offer opportunities to individuals who currently don't have access to the regular labour market. We pride ourselves on inspiring others with our creativity and allowing them to showcase their own too.
Meet Yoshi, Steffie and Alix

The dynamic duo behind the STEEL & BARNETT brand are not only business partners, but are also parents to toddler Alix. The young family enjoys spending time together enjoying the best that the Belgium landscape has to offer.
“Having this amazing business venture has allowed us to have that wonderful work/life balance that so often gets lost in modern lives,” says Yoshi.
“Family always comes first, and Steffie and I relish our roles not only as business and life partners, but also as parents.”
Have any questions about our range of leather and gemstone bracelets? Simply get in touch via our Contact page – we look forward to hearing from you!


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What size do I need?

• Use a tape measure and follow the instructions below.

• Place your hand through the tape measure and pull the end until it fits comfortably on your wrist

• The number that lines up with the edge of the slit is your wrist size.

• If you don’t have a tape measure, use a small piece of ribbon or cord. Wrap it around your wrist and measure the length using a ruler.

Small - 18cm - 19cm

Medium - 20cm - 21cm

Large - 22cm - 23cm

Which payment methods are available?

We accept payments through Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, IDEAL and Bankcontact/Mistercash.

How do I get in touch?

You can contact us here. We should be able to email you back within 24 hours. Feel free to ask us anything :)

How long does my warranty last?

STEEL & BARNETT items are manufactured with the greatest care and with attention paid to the smallest detail. Therefore we provide a 12 month guarantee from the date of purchase. If for some reason there is a defect in your item within this period of time, we will exchange it with a new item.


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Do we ship worldwide?

We offer worldwide shipping using DPD Parcel in Europe, FedEx in the United States, and DPD for Canada. Here is a comprehensive list of the countries and regions we deliver to:


  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Monaco
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom

North America:

  • United States
  • Canada

Can I track my shipment?

Certainly! You can track your shipment. We provide a tracking service that allows you to monitor the progress and current location of your package in real-time. Simply use the provided tracking number or visit our website to access the tracking information and stay updated on the status of your shipment.

How long does it take for a shipment to be delivered.

The delivery time for your shipment depends on your location. You can find more detailed information about the estimated delivery time on the product page and during the checkout process. Generally, delivery times range from 1 to 5 business days, but this may vary depending on where you are located.


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Can I return to STEEL & BARNETT?

If you've purchased or received a product directly from and would like to initiate a return, please contact us first. We have multiple warehouses, and it's important that we guide you to the correct return location.

We offer refunds for returns made within 30 days of purchase, provided the items are in perfect and unused condition. To ensure a smooth return process, please include your Order Number and the reason for return on your packing slip.

If you're returning an item due to a quality issue, please reach out to us at for further assistance.

Please allow 7-10 business days for us to process your return from the day your items are received in our warehouse. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we're here to help make the return process as convenient as possible.

How long does my warranty last?

Every STEEL & BARNETT product is crafted with meticulous care and a keen eye for even the smallest details. As a testament to our commitment to quality, we offer a 12-month guarantee starting from the date of purchase. If, for any reason, you discover a defect in your item within this warranty period, we will promptly replace it with a brand-new one. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we stand behind the craftsmanship of our products.

How do I open a Steel and Barnett bracelet?

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Riley Bracelet

The Riley bracelet features a simple yet effective clasp mechanism that makes it easy to open.

  1. Slide one side of the clasp upward.
  2. The bracelet will release, allowing you to take it off or put it on with ease.

Harrison Bracelet

The Harrison bracelet has a unique clasp that stays securely fastened during wear.

  1. Push the two sides of the clasp towards each other.
  2. Lift the side with the Steel & Barnett logo up.
  3. The bracelet will open, ready for you to remove or wear.

Bonacci Bracelet

The Bonacci bracelet features a sophisticated clasp that combines style with functionality.

  1. Hold one side of the clasp firmly with your thumb and forefinger.
  2. With your other hand, hold the other side of the clasp using your thumb and forefinger.
  3. Lift up one side of the clasp.
  4. The bracelet will open, making it easy to put on or take off.