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Necklaces designed for the elegant man

Discover our curated selection of stainless steel necklaces, designed for those who appreciate the finer aspects of jewelry. Each piece, from our statement necklaces to our more understated designs, is crafted to offer timeless elegance and sophistication. Ideal for enhancing any wardrobe, our necklaces serve as perfect accents for both formal and casual ensembles. With a focus on durability and style, these stainless steel necklaces are essential for anyone looking to add a touch of class to their jewelry collection.
Hatton - gold pendant necklace black gemstone 18K gold stainless steel steel and barnett


The Hatton necklace offers a refined fusion of durability and fashion, showcasing brushed stainless steel and the subtle allure of natural stones. These necklaces are designed to harmonize perfectly with the Hudson Ring collection, providing a stylish and seamless option for mix-and-match elegance. Crafted for those who appreciate the sophistication of fine jewelry, each piece in the Hatton collection enhances the wearer's style, making it a must-have for any ring and jewelry enthusiast seeking to elevate their accessory game with stainless steel rings and complementary necklaces.
Helix - chain necklace stainless steel steel and barnett


The Helix necklace features a captivating twist design inspired by the dynamic double helix structure of DNA, presenting a unique blend of science and style. Made from premium stainless steel for lasting durability, these necklaces stand out with their exceptional craftsmanship. Perfect for jewelry enthusiasts who appreciate distinctive designs, the Helix collection combines the resilience of stainless steel with a one-of-a-kind aesthetic, making it an essential addition for anyone looking to enhance their jewelry collection with a piece that embodies both innovation and elegance.
Boxed - chain necklace stainless steel silver steel and barnett


The Boxed necklace stands out with its geometric precision and modern style. Each piece features a series of box-shaped links, meticulously crafted from stainless steel, creating a bold yet refined chain. Ideal for those who value contemporary jewelry with a distinctive edge, the Boxed collection merges the strength of stainless steel with innovative design, offering a standout accessory that complements any wardrobe.
Minimal - chain necklace stainless steel 18K gold steel and barnett


The Minimal necklace epitomizes the elegance of simplicity, spotlighting high-quality materials and understated design. Crafted from brushed stainless steel, each necklace in this collection offers a durable, timeless jewelry option that seamlessly transitions from casual to formal wear. Perfect for those who appreciate minimalist elegance, the Minimal collection combines the lasting appeal of stainless steel with a clean, refined aesthetic.